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I smile because of you, Both in your presence and your absence Looking into your eyes or simply in remembrance Do you smile in my memory too?
I want to write a song An ode, a poem, just something But can words really convey my feeling? Or speak of how much for you I long?
Your voice reverberates in my mind I yearn to see you when I turn around To your heart mine is now forever bound Only with you pure bliss I find
When you walk towards me wearing a grin My heart skips a beat every time I blush, my joy is so sublime How can I not love you? It would be a sin!
But do you love me back? The question haunts me all night Watching you smile to another is an unbearable sight Am I not your only? Oh! Tell me what do I lack?
Wherever you will lead I’ll follow Whatever you will seek, I will seek too


It was a usual day at work. Like every other single day, I arrived 5 minutes before the scheduled time thus upholding my self-made image of a diligent employee; regardless of whether the boss appreciates or not. Subjected to the chronic nature of a once engrossing job, my life had now metamorphosed from the adventurous, outgoing lifestyle of a teen to the monotony of a paycheck worker, obscuring all the dreams I once had. Attending phone calls without a bit of genuine humour, replying to emails with much lesser enthusiasm, fake smile plastered on the face 24X7, walking with the gait of an aged old lady and a temper reserved only for the subordinates while ironically displaying complaisance towards the boss, I never realised when the very essence of life had started ebbing away. The bleakness of the old rustic workplace where the furniture was creaking and groaning from overuse, drab faded curtains that hung over the unaired windows against the equally pallid walls of the stuffy room, …